I’m Arianna Palumbo

I’m Arianna. The founder/CEO of PCL, certified Life Coach, and master’s graduate.

Women who have had their identity challenged by a life change re-establish themselves as the architects of their own lives by helping them to achieve life balance through guiding them to:

  • define their core values,
  • set priorities,
  • establish boundaries, and
  • discover their life purpose.

I’m not your ‘average’ coach, I am known for over-serving my clients, jokes, really listening, and developing a specific and personalized experience. I’m so passionate about helping women achieve life balance, love their lives and stress less so they can show up as the best version of themselves!

My clients receive no b.s., personalized, strategic coaching. During sessions they break negative thinking and behavior patterns, set goals and move forward on them, and find a sense of peace and calm in the midst of society’s pressures and loved ones’ expectations.

Sometimes achieving life balance means taking a look at the pressures and expectations that weigh us down, sometimes it’s working hard on putting on our adult pants and setting meaningful boundaries, and sometimes it’s helping the hectic single career gal to find a date so that her life isn’t just wrapped up in the office.

I’m passionate about this work because I, and the women I work with, have found themselves out of balance in one area or another. Too much family, not enough work; too much work, not enough free-time; too many activities; not enough family, etc. etc.

The place to start is with a no-strings, no-pressure chat with me. Who am I?

I am the CEO and founder of Purposefully Connected Life. I have a Master’s degree in Intercultural Youth and Family Development and a certification as a life and executive coach. I am a former long-time single woman, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, life-long learner, friend, and empath.

Most importantly, I’m someone who knows what it’s like to watch my life spin out of my control because I forgot who I was at my core. I wasn’t prioritizing the most important things in my life. Nor was I establishing boundaries. I found myself purposeless and floundering. And although I’ve figured those things out now, I still have the out-of-whack day from time to time. That’s life and we roll with the punches.

Based out of Phoenix, I love good hikes, a good book, and a good glass of wine but not more than playing and snuggling with my daughter, a son and husband.


Purposefully Connected Life (Arianna Palumbo) is committed to helping women to reestablish themselves as the architects of their own lives by empowering them to align themselves with meaningful core values, establishing priorities, setting boundaries so they can create space to discover their passions.