You want to know the secret of finding calm in the midst of a crazy work day in the snap of your fingers? 👌Okay, well maybe not a snap as much as a tap. Check this out.

In October of 2013 I was hired on for what I felt was my dream role. It was an increase in income and a bigger role than I had held previously. I loved working for the organization. I enjoyed my co-workers, and I felt like we were living a great mission. 🎇

Three months into my position the wheels fell off the wagon and major changes were in order. I love change, it didn’t phase me. I continued working with amazing colleagues, and we were still doing a lot to make a difference in the work we were doing. Together, we were making huge changes that were having a positive impact for children in Arizona. 🚸

Five months later, the floor fell out from under me. The boss I had loved getting to know and work with, tore into me for something so small and stupid (this would become the norm) and our relationship struggled for the rest of her time with the organization (I had eight bosses in the span of five years). My team and I couldn’t seem to do anything right or fast enough to please her. I also have a strong sense of integrity and when I pushed back, she didn’t like it. Ultimately, I learned that she was trying to fire me, and I was devastated.🌪

I took some much needed and deserved time off and was going to quit upon my return, but while that was occurring, she was going through some troubles with her boss and was in essence given a “get out of here” message. By the time I came back, she was on her way out. I was in counseling during those couple of years doing what I could to survive each work day. 🏢 I couldn’t comprehend a boss that wanted me to work nights and weekends, break policies and procedures (not to mention rules and laws) and said I was the one without any integrity. Sadly, I still wanted to like her and be liked by her. 😵

Things got better for a time, but I was burnt out. My next boss was great but eventually he was shown the door. And then it came back to the mad scramble of trying to figure out what the new boss wanted who also never thought we did it well enough or fast enough. My team was trying very hard and trying to help, but it was never appreciated nor supported. Finally, I had enough. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I didn’t know what I valued or if I had any integrity. I didn’t like who I had become.

I have many more stories about that workplace that could fill an entire book about backstabbing, sabotage, blaming, affairs, and depression. Later, I learned that I was experiencing workplace trauma. Something I still struggle with, although it has improved greatly in the past couple of years. 💕

Sometimes work gets out of control and because we spend so much time there it can affect everything else from finances, quality time with the family, self-care and our mental health not to mention our relationships inside and outside of work. 👩‍🏭

That’s why I invited Sara Whiteside to come talk to us about techniques for handling work when it gets out of control. Sara is a certified EFT Tapping practitioner and coach. EFT stands for Emotional freedom technique (EFT) and it is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

I’ve had a session with Sara and I can tell you not only is this practice scientifically based (used by counselors, psychologists and social workers) but it really does work.

Catch the replay of this video to learn more about this wonderful practice. Sara’s video can be found by heading on over to the Women Living Without Limits Facebook Group.